Reiki Courses


Reiki Courses (all levels)

For anyone wanting to know more about healing I offer courses in first, second and
Master/Teacher degree Reiki. Reiki dates back many years and is based upon a teaching thought to heal the body and illuminate the mind. It was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr Mikao Usui and has been promoted as a therapy to calm the mind, body and soul so that healing may take place naturally. Although Reiki holds no particular faith or religion it is said to have its origins in the Buddhist practices of the Far East. The ethos of Reiki is to show the student a way to personal enlightenment and bring balance and understanding into their life.

First degree class content

Level 1 is taught in a one day workshop and includes:

  • History of Reiki and how to use Reiki for your own personal development
  • Reiki principles/precepts
  • Professional ethics, record keeping, insurance requirements, hygiene and basic anatomy
  • Class time allows for practice under the caring supervision of your Reiki Master. By the end of your first degree you will be competent enough to perform a full treatment on yourself and others

Course Cost: £120

Second degree class content

This follow-on workshop is a single day of training for students who wish to deepen their commitment to using Reiki in their lives, and who wish to become Reiki practitioners enabling them to work on members of the public. Students wishing to progress to second degree must have completed Reiki – first degree with a time lapse of 3 months between the two courses. You will be required to undertake case studies in order to prove competency at this level.
You will learn about:

  • Absent healing
  • Use of the symbols and their qualities in healing
  • Discuss and exchange treatments
  • Undertaking a full consultation
  • Experience both sending and receiving absent healing
  • Japanaese Reiki techniques including the Gassho meditation
  • Kotodama
  • Practice management and record keeping

Course Cost: £120

Extensive course materials are included. Classes will take place in a fully equipped room and you are advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Numbers are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis. Minimum of two students per class is required and a maximum of six. This will ensure each student receives dedicated training.
Course venues will be confirmed prior to attendance but are likely to be held in Portsmouth or Havant. Both venues are within easy access of bus and train routes. All liquid refreshments will be provided; however you are advised to bring along a packed lunch.

Master Practitioner & Master Teacher Courses

This level of practice is for those who wish to progress to teaching Reiki to others. It is a life pathway and requires dedication. If this is your pathway please discuss this with me in more detail.
Please contact me for further details:

If you are interested in undertaking training for Level 1, 2 or Master/Teacher please contact me: