MNT-NR Training




Nerve Reflexology and Manual Neurotherapy

These two diploma level training programmes are offered to therapists who wish to extend their skills to include specific additional techniques for use in both acute and chronic pain states.
Dysfunction in the movement and organ systems are often correlated and the nervous system plays a central role in this relationship.
Nerve reflexology utilises a specific pressure technique to target and precisely impact various parts of the nervous system.

Manual Neurotherapy is a bodywork technique that is used in combination with nerve reflex points on the foot to affect change in the pain processes of the nervous system. The combination of MNT and NR can provide help and support for clients in acute and chronic pain states including: migraine and other headaches, low back and neck pain, other complaints in the musculoskeletal system, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, neuralgia, etc. The aim of the treatments is to restore and/or recover dysfunction in the movement, organ and nervous system.

About the Tutors

Nico Pauly has more than 40 years of experience in physiotherapy. He is qualified in manual neuro therapy, manual therapy, neuro-dynamics and cranio-sacral therapy as well as reflex zone therapy. He is a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) and is responsible for the development of the science-based concept behind MNT-NR. His current understanding of pain physiology is taught through practical clinical reasoning and treatment protocols.
Griet Rondel is a physiotherapist also trained in manual neuro therapy, neuro-dynamics, breathing and eastern meridian diagnostics and reflex zone therapy. She specializes in the relationship between the organs, emotions and the brain centres and developed visceral mobilization techniques, combining them with special visceral reflex techniques.


1. Foot reflexologists working at a professional level.
2. Nurses with an interest in pain control.
3. Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.
4. Sports, Acupuncture, Shiatsu therapists and other body workers.
Nerve reflex points can be used in conjunction with other therapies, such as sports massage, acupuncture and shiatsu, so prior knowledge of foot reflexology is highly recommended but not a requirement of this course. Participants should have a good understanding of neurophysiology.  There is a pre-course syllabus “The Human Nervous System” to study prior to attendance on the course.

Level 1: 3 days of 6 hours – Total 18 hours

Nerve, muscle and organ chains in lumbar and chronic pelvic pain
Chronic lumbar and pelvic pain remains one of the great challenges of our time. At level 1 participants will learn to treat these conditions through a specialized approach using both theory and practice. Particular attention is given to the abdominal-pelvic region with precise details of nerve, muscle, and organ chains. Participants will learn how to balance the three chains in innervation and function.

Level 2: 3 days of 6 hours – Total 18 hours

Nerve, muscle and organ chains in cervical, thoracic, shoulder and arm pain
At level 2 the nerve, muscle and organ chains of the upper diaphragm are explored in-depth. Participants will learn how to balance these areas and there is further emphasis and exploration of pain physiology.

Level 3: 3 days of 6 hours – Total 18 hours

Central pain mechanisms and the total NR treatment concept
In this final module discovery of central nervous system pain processes and treatment with NR techniques is explored. Much of the attention is placed on the interaction between passive treatment and active cooperation of the client, in pain coping strategies. Chronic pain is a pathology where different body regions, the central nervous system and emotions are involved and participants will learn to view chronic pain through an holistic vision and a total integrative treatment plan.


After completing all 3 levels a final practical exam is organized. Whilst participation is not mandatory, those that proceed with the exam will be awarded a ‘Diploma of Qualified Nerve Reflexologist’. Participants not wishing to take part in the examination process or failing to succeed will be awarded with a certificate as confirmation of their full participation in the three course modules of NR-training.

aor approvedThe nerve reflexology diploma is AoR accredited with 36 CPD points per 3 x 3day weekend course.




LEVEL 3   Friday 9th – Sunday 11th June 2017

Level 3 course will run at The Engineers House, Bristol, UK and is now FULLY BOOKED!

To book your place please download a booking form  Click here and send it to 

Manual Neurotherapy

We are hoping to bring the first Manual Neurotherapy training to the UK in 2017.

To cover the UK insurance requirements of training, only those who have completed the full nerve reflexology diploma and hold a body work qualification are eligible.

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