Pain Management Training Courses for Reflexologists

‘Supporting the client in pain with Nerve Reflexology’


Developed to help improve the knowledge base of reflexology practitioners who want to work clinically with clients who require support in managing their pain.  It is based on my own research evidence, culminating in the world’s first and only PhD in reflexology and pain management, and I am able to combine that knowledge with my Nerve Reflexology experience.  Besides offering training in pain science, I am the only UK registered and approved tutor of the Nerve Reflexology Diploma which was developed by a team of professionals including Nico Pauly, Griet Rondel and Norbert Gosh of MNT-NR International.

I was one of the first trainees to learn Nerve Reflexology here in the UK, way back in 2004, and I have been working alongside Nico Pauly for the past ten years as assistant tutor here in the UK.  Nico completed his final UK diploma training with our students in June 2017 and I am immensely proud to say that he has now handed his trust and training responsibility to me.

I will draw upon my experience with nerve reflexology, fascia work, massage & manipulation, VRT, AdRx and other methods to show you how you can manage pain more effectively to help support your clients.

The first two modules can be taken as stand-alone workshops so you can complete day 1 alone, or take days 1 and 2 together.   Further modules will follow and must be taken in sequence. When all modules have been completed there will be a practical exam, a theory exam and case study requirements.  On successful completion of ALL elements of the Nerve Reflexology programme you will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Competence’ to practice.  Should you choose just to complete the individual modules, you will receive a ‘Certificate of Attendance’.  Each certificate will provide you with CPD points as part of your Continuing Professional Development needs.

There is an element of theory involved in learning about pain, much of which involves neuro-anatomy and physiology, and you will be sent these materials in advance of each module.  You are encouraged therefore to BOOK at least one month in advance of the course dates shown in order to give yourself sufficient study time to work through the pre-course learning materials.

Day 1 – Module 1

  • At least 50% of each module is practical
  • Structure and function – the importance of the spinal nerves in reflexology
  • Pain – what is it and how is it perceived?
  • Outline of nociception (perception of physical pain)
  • Types of pain
  • Psychological, physiological and behavioural responses to pain
  • Introducing nerve reflexology for the spine, massage in the musculoskeletal system, fascia work

Day 2 – Module 2:

  • Concept of Nerve Reflexology
  • The Four Pillars of Pain
  • Structure and function – the importance of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in reflexology
  • Introducing Nerve reflexology for the ANS, point to point working
  • The importance of the phrenic and vagus nerves in reflexology
  • Putting the treatment together
  • Working to combine nerve reflexology with other reflexology techniques

Further modules to follow:

These courses meet the requirements of the industry standards in terms of continuing professional development for qualified practitioners.  ‘Supporting the client in pain with Reflexology’ is accredited by the Association of Reflexologists for 24 CPD points per 2 day course.


‘Breaking the Barriers of Pain with Reflexology’ is accredited by the FHT for 5 CPD points per day.


Are there any pre-requisites for this workshop?

You should hold a professional qualification in Anatomy and Physiology either as a stand-alone certificate or as part of your reflexology training.  This course is suitable for practitioners qualified at Level 3 and above.  It will help practitioners who seek to advance their skill set in supporting the client in pain through clinical reasoning, those who want to find ways of measuring the effectiveness of their reflexology sessions when working with clients in pain, and those seeking an introduction to the more advanced techniques of nerve reflexology, fascia work and massage in the musculoskeletal system of the feet.


Final date for 2017

Saturday & Sunday 2nd/3rd December – ESSEX

Location: Upminster Sanctuary, Essex. RM14 2XH
Organiser: Reflexmaster
email Reflexmaster:

DATES AND VENUES FOR 2018 COMING SOON together with dates/venues for Modules 3 & 4

How to book

You can download a booking for Supporting the client in pain with reflexology Click here and send it to:

If you are a group of therapists who may be interested in this workshop but there is no course near you, please contact me directly

Course fees: £120 per day

You may choose to come along for Day 1 – Module 1 only for £120 (payment required in FULL at time of booking) or you can book modules 1 and 2 together with a deposit of £100, with a final payment due 14 days prior to course commencement.  You can save yourself £30 when you book two modules together (Day 1 and Day 2), when you book and make your payment in full 28 days prior to the course commencement date. PLEASE NOTE:  All deposits are non-refundable & Reflexmaster will retain £50 for a 1 day module and £100 for a 2 day module.

Payment options
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